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Append to file
Append String to File
Add to String Array
Add to Object Array
Add Char to String
Access Inner Class
Access Outer Class
Break out of for loop
Convert String to int
Convert int to String
String to Date object
Convert Double to int
Convert double to int
Call a method
Call method in Class
Call a Class
Call Super Class method
Check if a file exists
Check String is Number
Check for null
Check if Object is null
Clone an Object
Clone a map
Clone a Vector
Clone an Array
Compare Strings
Compare dates
Compare doubles
Compare enum
Copy a file
Copy an Object
Copy an Array
Delete a file
Delete directory
Declare a variable
Declare a String
Declare an Array
Declare constants
Define enum
Define a method
Define Array
Define an Array
Deprecate a Class
Deprecate a method
Destroy a thread
Destroy an Object
Determine os
Detect os
Detect deadlock
Download a file
Do exponents
Exit program
Exit a for loop
Exit a method
Exit while loop
End a program
Extend multiple Classes
Extend a Class
Edit a file
Empty an Array
Empty Stringbuffer
End a thread
Escape backslash
Escape characters
Format date
Format double
Format double
Format numbers
Find os
Find current directory
Find prime numbers
Find memory leaks
Force garbage collection
Free memory
Get current date
Get current time
Get user input
Get Class name
Import a Class
Import jar
Initialize an Array
Ignore case
Implement iterator
Instantiate an Object
Initialize list
Iterate over a map
Iterate Vector
Iterate through a list
Load a properties file
Lock file
List files in a directory
Move a file
Make a jar
Make an Array
Make a timer
Measure time
Name packages
Override equals
Open a file
Override a method
Override hashcode
Open browser
Open a text file
Order a list
Output to file
Pass by reference
Pause a thread
Parse html
Parse xml String
Play audio
Play sound
Read a text file
Round a double
Round numbers
Round up
Round to 2 decimals
Reverse a String
Randomize a list
Read a file into a String
Run a jar file
Run jar
Run a Class file
Run package
Stop a thread
Send email
Sort a list
Serialize an Object
Save an image
Save a file
Scale an image
Set Classpath
Set system property
Set look and feel
Set path
Sign jar
Sleep a thread
Sort a list
Sort list
Sort an Array
Sort a set
Split a String
Specify Classpath
Split a file
Square a number
Stop a thread
Start a thread
Start a new thread
Stop a program
Stop a timer
Stop a loop
Send sms
Send http request
Throw exception
Test private methods
Terminate a program
Take user input
Take a heap dump
Terminate a program
Test for null
Terminate a thread
Test if a file exists
Throw custom exception
Truncate a String
Truncate file
Use enumeration
Use borders
Use enum
Use iterator
Unzip file
Unit test private methods
Unload a Class
Validate xml
Validate xml against xsd
Validate a date
Write to a file
Write a method
Write xml
Wait 1 second
Wait for a thread to finish
Wake up a sleeping thread
Write a comparator
Zip files
Zip a directory
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