3.3.5. Escape Sequence

A character preceded by a backslash (\) is an escape sequence and has special meaning to the compiler. When an escape sequence is encountered in a print statement, the compiler interprets it accordingly. See below table for available Java escape sequences:

			package javatutorial;

			 * Example usage of Escape Sequence.
			 * @author f5java.com 
			public class EscapeSequence {

				public static void main(String[] args) {
					System.out.println(" Using escape sequence in Java");
					System.out.println(" Using Escape sequence tab \t did you see the extra space");
					System.out.println(" Using Escape sequence new line \n did you see I am in new line");
					System.out.println(" Escaping quotes \" did you the quote printed in the output");
					System.out.println(" Escaping slash \\ did you the slash printed in the output");